Our team of Perth architects and interior designers aim to create custom homes that invoke a sense of calm, order, space and organization. This is something you can instantly feel when you walk into a MAEK home. 

 We achieve this by putting authenticity at the heart of everything we do. We don’t add unnecessary elements for the sake of aesthetics. Instead, we make the functional beautiful. Every design decision is driven by intelligence. Every part has a purpose. And every component, a connection with its surroundings.

 Our design process starts with you. We begin by finding out how you want to live and create your design around you. That’s why no two of our homes are ever the same. They’re also not just tweaked versions of one another. Your design will be entirely original.

 Then our highly experienced residential architects, designers and builders work cohesively as one team to ensure we marry design and creativity with performance and functionality. We also always look for ways to maximise your budget. Whether that’s by maximising the efficiency of your block or advising on where best to spend your money to give you the greatest impact.

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Paul Jones, Design Architect

Paul is a highly awarded Architect with over 30 years of experience in architectural and interior design. READ MORE


Kathryn Sims, Interior Architect

Kathryn brings international experience to her inspired design aesthetic. READ MORE