1. Why should I choose MAEK ?
We are a first class Design Build firm specialising in the delivery of one-off, architecturally-designed, luxury custom homes. Our promise to you is a beautiful home and an enjoyable building process.

2. What’s the advantage of having the design and build managed by MAEK?
We are experts in turnkey home delivery. Your project begins with our first design meeting and ends with us handing you the keys to a home that is complete – inside and out. The main benefits of this to our clients is that we are the single point of contact accountable for the entire delivery of their home – design, construction, landscapes and interiors. We are responsible for directing the sometimes hundreds of trades and suppliers throughout. And with one team driving your project from start to finish, communication is consistent, budgets are closely managed and timeframes are greatly reduced.

3. We’ve all heard “builder horror stories”. How do you prevent things going wrong?
Care and constant communication are the key elements to a smooth building process. 

You’ll have a key contact person at MAEK, so you’ll always know what’s going on. And, because we are a Design Build company, our unified team work hand-in-hand at every stage. This is a very different dynamic to having separate architect and building firms, where things can get lost in translation! Our ultimate quality assurance is that our founder and owner would be very much involved in all the details of your project, which means that the person who is ultimately responsible for the reputation of MAEK, will be accountable for the crafting of your home. 

4. Will MAEK’s founder, Jon McComish, be directly involved in my project
Jon is involved in all of our projects from beginning to end. His vast knowledge ensures that your home will be well resolved from a design perspective, but it will also be built to stand up robustly to the test of time. As a point of difference, we don’t have a ‘sales guy’. That means we don’t pay a standard 4% commission to a middle man and we pass that saving on to you.  

5. We’ve seen Grand Designs. How do we avoid budget creep? 
We run a tight ship with our project management. We work in an organised and transparent manner so our clients are fully across all budget items, and don’t receive any nasty surprises such as ambiguous costs or unexpected variations. They also won’t find themselves in the middle of costly disputes between architect and builder.

6. Who are your architects and designers?
Paul Jones brings over 30 years of experience to our projects. He is a well-respected member of the architectural community, both locally and internationally. He has worked closely with some of the world’s most prominent architects and interior designers, including the likes of Lord Norman Foster and Christian Liaigre. His knowledge and conceptual abilities are hard to match and he’s a master at sketching great ideas perspectives by hand on the spot.

Our in-house interior designer, Kathryn Sims, works closely with our clients using 3D modelling to help them accurately visualise the interior layout of their home. Bringing exceptional experience from the UK and Portugal, Kathryn is a delight to work with, and ensures. She puts immense care into ensuring every interior detail is carefully considered.

7. Can I use my own architect?
Occasionally, clients have already started the design process with an architect, but they’ve heard great things about us from their friend and love how beautifully and expeditiously our homes are put together. 

We are happy to discuss carrying out various components of your project, including build only.

8. What kinds of projects do you do?
MAEK operates within the luxury custom homes space in Perth. We mostly design and build new homes, but have also undertaken significant alterations & additions projects, bringing new life to some of Perth’s most valued heritage homes.

We also carry out luxury multi-residential developments, where we work hand-in-hand with developers and property owners to manage the entire design, build and marketing of their project.

9. What can we expect from a MAEK build?
A MAEK-built home will be finished beautifully, using high-quality materials and the finest of craftspeople. Corners will be neat, the plastering smooth, and the painting done properly. Detailing will have been considered and well-resolved. Care will be taken right down to the last detail. We are fiercely diligent when it comes to quality control! Our building sites are impeccable as are the standards we obtain from all our trades and suppliers, and we are respectful of the streetscape and surrounding neighbours.

10. Is there a specific price range that you specialise in?
Our expertise in design, knowledge in construction, and our industry buying power, means that we can obtain exceptionally competitive outcomes at all price ranges.

11. Do you have a particular design style?
The homes we create are intended to be timeless. Rather than follow trends and fads, we follow our client’s brief and design a beautiful home that not only reflects their lifestyle, but will look great for years to come.

Most of our work has a contemporary design aesthetic. This doesn’t mean that we are uber modernists or ‘of the moment’, in fact we also undertake other genres including traditional or heritage work. We have a long term network of artisans who practice the same skills used by artisans in the early part of Western Australia’s history, which we have employed to carefully restore some of Perth’s oldest homes. 

12. How long do your projects take?
Our projects are often completed in half the time it would take one of our competitors. This is because we have high calibre staff and trades who are scheduled by our sophisticated project management systems. On average, depending on the complexity of the project, a MAEK home will be completed within 12 months to 2 years.