No detail was spared in creating this sensational three-storey cliffside home. Carefully selected French Oak, procured from France, was sent to Melbourne to be cut into veneers. It was then numbered from 1 to 603 and laid carefully in order throughout the home, resulting in a seamless finish.

Not only was the finest stone procured from Italy in large format slabs, but the feathered stone for the master ensuite was photographed piece by piece and then arranged by collage to best suit the Statuario Vein before selecting, cutting and installing onsite. 

The landscape was procured early and grown off site during the construction cycle to provide fruit on the first year of the client moving into their home.  One tree was too big to cart by road, and so, it was transported up river by barge and hoisted into place.

Not far into the project, we found that an eagle had taken up roost on the counterweight of our tower crane. After building herself an impressive nest, she promptly produced several eaglets, for whom she cared with an intense protectiveness. When the project came to an end, we kept the crane in place until the mother and her eaglets had flown the coop.

A collaboration with Don Taylor Design Associates.