Mad about Mud.

Our dinnerware sure has seen some phases over the years, from the browny-orange delights of the seventies, to our Tuscan obsession of the nineties. Thanks to Donna Hay we eventually ended up in the Oversized White Plate Zone that’s been hard to shift…until now. 

Hello Mud Australia.

As our modern lives become more…modern, we’ve developed a craving for the natural, the organic, the earthy, counteracting everything in our lives that is the exact opposite. 

Maybe this is why we love Mud so much. It brings a cool, handmade, earthy style to our table in a most contemporary manner.  And the colours…wow…. thank goodness you don’t have to stick to just one, they’re the real mix ‘n match deal. 

Each porcelain piece is like an individual work of art. To display or to use, it’s up to you. But for even the most hopeless of cooks, serving up your efforts on a Mud platter will make your nosh look like it’s on the front page of Gourmet Traveller. 

Perthlings can find Mud products at Monde Design Store Claremont and TableCulture Subiaco.

Images via Mud Australia and Instagram

Sofa Crush | Moroso


Choosing the perfect sofa can land you in a war between comfort and aesthetics. What looks pleasing to the eye does not always marry with the comfort that we seek. The kind of comfort that says it’s ok to put your feet up, that it’s ok to slouch with a good book. To relax…

That’s why when we stumbled upon the Big Braid Gentry Sofa by Italian furniture brand Moroso we knew we were onto a good thing.

Put perfectly by the brand, the sofa “communicates a way-of-being, a sensitive approach to finding the right balance between discipline and freedom”.  Whether you’re perched politely upright with cup of tea, or laying feet up with your latest read, this sofa will not discriminate.

To get your fix, visit Perth stockist Mobilia


So you’ve just filled a new room in your home with furniture, or you have an existing space that needs a dose of new life, time to select some wall art. But if you don’t feel art savvy, the process can seem daunting.

How do you choose wall art that will give your room the edge that it needs. Here are our favourite tips for finding a piece that fits.

1. Trust your choices.
You don’t need to be an artist or curator to know what you like and don’t like. Go by heart, if you love the colour or mood of a piece, go for it.  And don’t be afraid to mix valuable art with inexpensive finds. Great art can be found everywhere. Have fun mixing artwork of varying genres and value and you will find yourself with a collection of works that tells your story, and appears as it’s been gradually acquired over time. 

2. Embrace contrast.
Spaces can really benefit from an artwork that is contrasting to its surrounds. Just as an art piece will shine if it’s not fighting for attention in a room. If you have a traditional room of neutral or classic colour schemes, consider a contemporary or abstract piece, or one with bold lashings of bright (even fluoro) colours. It will instantly sharpen a room and give it a modern edge. Equally, if you have a modern style room, try grounding it with earthy colours like an Aboriginal artwork, or an natural landscape.
For an eclectic or more chaotic space, find balance with a minimalist piece such as a black and white artwork.

3. Invest in quality framing, and hang it properly.
If your artwork requires framing, we recommend using a quality framer who will pay the respect to your artwork that it deserves.  They should know what style of frame is going to bring out the best in your artwork and you know it will be made to stand the test of time. They will also advise on how to hang it (they might even do it for you). As a rule of thumb, we recommend hanging art so that it’s centre is 1500mm from the floor. This is roughly an average eye height.