Mad about Mud.

Our dinnerware sure has seen some phases over the years, from the browny-orange delights of the seventies, to our Tuscan obsession of the nineties. Thanks to Donna Hay we eventually ended up in the Oversized White Plate Zone that’s been hard to shift…until now. 

Hello Mud Australia.

As our modern lives become more…modern, we’ve developed a craving for the natural, the organic, the earthy, counteracting everything in our lives that is the exact opposite. 

Maybe this is why we love Mud so much. It brings a cool, handmade, earthy style to our table in a most contemporary manner.  And the colours…wow…. thank goodness you don’t have to stick to just one, they’re the real mix ‘n match deal. 

Each porcelain piece is like an individual work of art. To display or to use, it’s up to you. But for even the most hopeless of cooks, serving up your efforts on a Mud platter will make your nosh look like it’s on the front page of Gourmet Traveller. 

Perthlings can find Mud products at Monde Design Store Claremont and TableCulture Subiaco.

Images via Mud Australia and Instagram