Our team is made up of award-winning designers, residential architects, project managers and construction experts, who are all dedicated to producing luxury homes that exceed your expectations. Meet the team members who will be working hard to ensure every detail of your home is perfected.




Jon has been immersed in design and building for over 20 years, delivering world-class projects of significant size and complexity along the way.

Prior to starting MAEK, he worked on projects in Western Australia and Victoria, and overseas in Singapore and London, delivering over 400 apartments, four high rise towers, museums, shopping centres, numerous industrial facilities and large-scale design and construct projects such as The Old Swan Brewery (Perth), Haig Road Towers (Singapore) and Wembley Stadium (London).

When he returned to Perth, Jon undertook a role where he was acting as client-side representative for several major design and build projects. It was during his time in this role that he was able to experience first hand the issues that clients face when looking to build. It also gave Jon the opportunity to try and test different construction delivery models. What he discovered is that none of the traditional methods worked very well. They were fraught with client risk and contractor disputes and created constant issues for the client which put both themselves and their project at a disadvantage.

It was then that Jon identified a clear issue in the building market where old fashioned ‘Design-Tender-Build’ delivery methods were no longer efficient in delivering high-end luxury homes of today, and that a newer, better model needed to developed.

This led to Jon starting MAEK in 2009, which offered an effective new style of project delivery that enabled greater cost and time savings for clients, and also allowed significant residences of one-off, detailed design to be created in an organised and controlled environment. A surprise benefit of this new process was that it organically fostered greater relationships between all involved.

Since its beginnings, MAEK has delivered over $100m worth of projects, only taking on a handful of builds per year, and has steadily grown to become an industry leader.

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Paul is a highly awarded Architect with over 30 years of experience in architectural and interior design. As the team’s Design Architect, Paul enjoys MAEK’s refreshingly holistic and intellectual approach to creating one-off luxury homes, where he knows that his designs will be brought to life with the best possible results.


Kathryn Sims


Kathryn is an internationally experienced design professional. Before joining our design studio, Kathryn worked for the award winning Minale+Mann in the UK, where she played an integral role in delivering high-end residential projects across London.

Kathryn began her studies in Perth and completed her Masters of Architecture while living and studying in Lisbon where she worked alongside EMBAXIADA Arquitectura for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

Along with being incredibly organised, Kathryn has a welcoming manner and is a trusted source of help and guidance for our clients throughout their design journey. Working closely with the MAEK design team, Kathryn helps clients to visualise each space within their home, ensuring every part of the project is carefully considered and resolved.

Kathryn’s unwavering passion for design and a love of fine detailing has made her a valued member of the MAEK team.


Richard Linton


Richard is a top-level construction manager with 20 years’ experience building luxury homes and has been pivotal in driving over 30 building projects in Perth, including 6 single luxury homes with individual values in excess of $8million, and several with values over $15million. 

He’s been a key member of the MAEK team for a decade. Richard knows every component of the most technical and complex homes, and his construction and project management skills are second to none. 

Expertise like this is very hard to match.




As a third generation Cabinet Maker/Joiner, Dennis spent many a school holiday on construction sites, watchfully learning the skills passed down through his Croatian family.

Having worked in the local industry for over two decades now, Dennis has acquired a ground-up wealth of knowledge and experience in building. Stemming from his passion for Cabinet Making, Dennis has gone on to work as Estimating/Scheduling Manager for ABN Group, as well as various Project Management and Site Management roles, during which time he undertook fit outs for the banking, retail and entertainment sectors in WA, and also managed the renovations and refurbishments for Cottesloe’s heritage listed Pine Court residence, working alongside Kerry Hill Architects. 




Ellen brings a valued skillset and experience to her role as Office Manager which enables her a broad understanding of the projects and processes here at MAEK.

After obtaining a Master of Architectureat the University of Western Australia, she went on to continue her architectural studies in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Following her studies, Ellen worked with a commercial design firm in Las Vegas and two residential architecture firms in Melbourne, where she was largely involved in heritage architecture and conservation work within the Melbourne CBD.

Ellen brings worldly experience from her extensive travels throughout Australia, Europe and America, and is passionate about design and creativity, being an avid writer, photographer and home renovator.