Here’s a brief overview of our pre-construction process.

Phase 1 – Concept & Design

  • Site visit to review conditions, identify challenges and opportunities.

  • First design meeting to collaboratively develop the brief.

  • Concept design development.

  • Concept design presentation.

  • Client feedback and fine-tuning of the design.

  • Cost estimate and specifications prepared, breaking down every little detail and cost.

  • Design meeting where we present the amended concept design, a 3D render which brings the design to life, and a detailed cost estimate.

  • Contract documentation is prepared for execution prior to Phase 2.

Phase 2 – Working Drawings

Upon completion of the concept design and execution of the building contract, we prepare full construction drawings and obtain council approval of the drawings. It is also at this stage that the design is documented with engineer’s details, ready to lodge for building permit and the commencement of construction.

  • Preparation of full construction drawings.

  • Council approval of drawings.

  • Preparation of engineer’s drawings and details for construction.

  • Engineering certification for building permit.

  • Energy efficiency certification in accordance with ABSA requirements.

  • Water Corporation approvals.

  • Termite certification.

  • Complete Master Specification documentation for construction.