We get the job done.

We’re DesignBuild experts. Our processes are smarter, faster and value-driven.  It’s how we get the job done, and it’s what has made us a leader in delivering luxury custom homes in WA.

With our approach, you have a single point of contact for the design and construction of your home. We also hold single-source accountability and contractual risk, handling all contracts necessary for your project.

What does this mean for you?

Your job is captain.

Your needs are our brief. Meeting them is our goal.

You have a skilled team hearing your needs and working cohesively on solving problems and adding value at every phase of your project. Your design is developed to its full potential because the right heads are at the table and there are more opportunities to innovate.

And, because your project is our captain, we have shared goals. No excuses or disputes. Just collaboration, unified decisions, innovation and value.

It also means you engage in only one contract.

A single contract changes everything.

 With traditional Design-Tender projects, you’re asked to manage separate contracts for design and construction. This scenario often sees the cheapest builder winning the job, resulting in disappointing, low-quality outcomes, and often ends in disputes and blame shifting between designer and builder when things go wrong. 

With our DesignBuild approach, the designer and builder are united. They share responsibility and their goals are aligned. This successful partnership delivers a faster, more cost-effective project with high quality outcomes.

We save time, money and stress.

The DesignBuild method is proven worldwide to be the fastest and most cost effective in construction delivery. With team members working collaboratively from the outset, problems can be solved as they arise, there are more opportunities to get the most out of your budget, and costs are known early.

As a client, you want to be assured of progress and know what’s going on each week. We keep you well-informed with weekly project updates. And, by us taking on responsibility for absolutely everything, you don’t have to worry about playing Project Manager or being the middleman between contractor disputes. We’re here to make the process easier so you can remain focused on the other important things in life.